The pledge matter is an important matter
By the entire heart great kindness, receives cordially each honored guest.
Sympathizes the service wins your heart.
By specialty chef technique, creativity delicacy.
Dazzles the Can acousto-optics by the careful design,
lets the wedding banquet be more perfect.
By comfortable graceful entertains guests at a banquet the space, lets your face be full
The classical wedding ceremony, is responsible by our professional team for you.
Wedding banquet business planning team's spirit
Management¡GThe professional investment is the faith start
Education¡GAttentively innovates, only advance power
Training¡GThe kind specialty, leaves behind the perfect periodI
The omni-directional ordering banquet plans the group
The thorough detail satisfies your heart is our responsibility,
A lso is grasps one kind to continue forever the
managementand the service idea,
L ets goal which we continues to try hard!

The wedding banquet each link, passes through the special
ingenious conception design, will cause the focal point
which you will become envies, will let the entire banquet
process leave behind the perfect blessing.
Attentively innovates practical product management
Fuses the orthodox school Guangdong type tradition delicacies, goes against level fresh Japan to attend to, the fine dessert good food, enjoys the specialized chef carefully to recuperate each delicacies, the taste alone road, the oral traditions approval, so refined goes against the level courteous reception, hoped for you can arrive personally the feeling
Kindly sympathizes service
Seeks the indanthrene area only graceful fine good food, all in Lin Garden Restaurant Taipei, is you receives cordially the distinguished guest banquet the best place, the unique design space provides comfortably eats meal is the consumer is noble but the inexpensive choice, lowly expends each NT$980, lets you spend happy, eats meal intimately.
Climax wedding banquet information
1. Main table import silk fabrics table cloth arrangement
2. Receiving gifts place silk fabrics apron arrangement
3. Main table, receiving gifts place, elegant table flower arrangement
4. Each table bestows the computer print seat card
5. Provides entertains guests at a banquet the site plan
6. Enters the arena Five star classes opening ceremony
7. Imports the Italian sound equipment
8. On-the-scenefull-time marshal
Banquet service
Lin Garden Restaurant Taipei in here for your
testimony happy agreement........
Wedding banquet
special case
Engagement¡BWedding & Marriage
Generally entertains guests at a banquet Birthday banquet¡BA full month banquet¡BThe family gets together banquet¡BThe company gets together banquet
Conference special case Location arrangement equipment
¡]Classroom type¡BIII type¡BL type¡BU type¡^
Active special case Reporter meeting¡BAcademic seminar¡BThe product explanation can¡B The industry and commerce mass organization moves¡BThe new product goes on the market the publication meeting
¡]Mother's Day¡BFather's Day¡BSt.Valentine's Day¡BX'mas Day¡^
The lunar new year's season entertains guests at a banquet Lunar New Year's Eve banquet¡BThe new year's dish gives extra¡BSpring wine banquet

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