We persist to have better, if you confessed is new person which nitpicks, Lin Garden Restaurant Taipei, pledged the matter is an important matter, to brand-new entertains lavishly each honored guest, sympathizes the service wins your heart, by the specialty chef technique, the creativity delicacy, dazzles the Can acousto-optics by the careful design, lets the wedding banquet add the minute, by comfortable graceful entertains guests at a banquet the space, lets your face be full, the classical wedding ceremony, is responsible by our professional team for you.
Fine standard romantic wedding banquet -- Happy Wedding

The life is joyful and the blessing, by the professional specialized wedding banquet team for your ingenious conception plan, in relatives and friends' happy applause, leaves behind the perfect blessing for you.
The crystal drills the hall
In the life the most beautiful time, the bosom numerous people's blessing, infinite envying, hand in hand is spending together with deep love he, hopes the star which is in your heart most glistens, the radiant ray shines happily hopes the scenery.

The color drills the hall
Careful careful
-"The wedding banquet plans the team".For each pair of new person, measures the body making to order classics romantic wedding ceremony atmosphere, lets invite the honored guest, fully feels new person's joy and the unhappiness, the tedious wedding banquet question gives Lin Garden Restaurant Taipei. Makes the ultra imagination for you the book reservation wedding banquet.

Riches and honor the hall
The life joyful and the blessing, by is professional, the specialized wedding banquet team for your ingenious conception plan, in the happy applause which the heart has, leaves behind the perfect blessing for you.
¡iWeddind banquet special-purpose menu¡j
    Emaciated look content along with season adjustment
Menu A - Special price NT$10,000 Menu B -Special price NT$10,800
¡ELobster and Snakehead Egg
¡EAssorted roasted meat platter
¡EDeep fry dumpling
¡EBraised shark`s fin with chicken
¡EStrr-fried squid and snail
¡ESteamed warsaw grouper
¡EBechedemer with sliced abalone
¡EChicken & seafood in pot
¡EGarlic crisp - skin dove
¡EChicken kidney with sesame oil
¡ESteamed purree cake
¡EFrogen coconut cake
¡EFashionable fresh fruit
¡ELobster and Snakehead Egg
¡EDeep fry dumping
¡EBraised shark`s fin with chicken
¡ESteamed small abalone with garlice
¡EPrawn ball
¡ESteamed warsaw grouper
¡ECancrine & strr-fried rice
¡EGarlice crisp-skin dove
¡EThe highest grade of Buddha
    jumps the wall
¡EFragrant taro explodes the
    spring roll
¡ESteamed coconut ball
¡EFashionable fresh fruit
Menu C -Special price NT$12,000 Menu D -Special price NT$13,800
¡EThe suckling pig¡BÃZ¤ù¡BJellyfish
¡EDeep fry dumpling
¡EShark`s fin with bamboo fungus
¡ESteamed lobster with garlice
¡EFish maw & bechedemer
¡ESteamed warsaw grouper
¡EBurns small abalone with cheese
¡ESeafood roll & spitchcook rice
¡EGarlic crisp-skin chicken
¡ESteamed meat-stuffed pie with mushroom
¡Ehe syrup fork burns crisply
¡EFashionable fresh fruit
¡EJapanese type lobster with
    Chinese yam
¡EThe suckling pig¡BSnakehead
¡EDumpling sweet soup
¡ESpecial shark`s fin with bamboo fungus
¡EStrr-fried sqnid & vegetables with xo sauce
¡ESteamed deep sea fish
¡EMushroom.bechedemer & green vegetables
¡ETomato sance with prawn
¡ESmall abalone & silky fowl
¡Ehe syrup fork burns crisply
¡EShrimp roll with bean curd shin
¡EFashionable fresh fruit
¡G¡G¡G¡GAbove the menu adds seperately 10% service fee¡G¡G¡G¡G
The wedding banquet is the bold warm happiness, erupts the most primitive wild affective tone, even if in free of evil intention is graceful, the golden color evening banquet like illusion black magic, the sunshine reflects beautiful is smelting magnificently, makes one not in a stew already.
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