°iEntertain guests at a banquet special-purpose menu°j Emaciated look content along with season adjustment
Menu A -Special price NT$9,000 Menu B -Special price NT$10,000
°EThe suckling pig burns the taste
    hors d'oeuvre
°EChinese medicine eggplant with Prawn
°EBamboo fungus & choine in clay pot°£each one°§
°EStrr-fried Squid & Scallop
°EThe Japanese type
    steams the just-hatched fish
°EDried fish maw & goose Wel Casserole
°ESteamed Cancrine with
°EAbalone Buddha jumps the wall
°ECantonese snacks with garlice
°EDelicious sweet soup
°EFashionable fresh fruit
°EThe suckling pig burns the taste
    hors d'oeuvre
°EShark`s fin with Bamboo fungus°£each one°§
°EThe Japanese type shrimp
°ESteamed Deep sea fish
°EFish maw & bechedemer Casserole
°EGarlic crisp-skin Dove
°EBig clam & silky fowl°£each one°§
°EThe syrup fork burns crisply
°EFive spices radish cake
°EFresh fruit jelly
°EFashionable fresh fruit
Menu C -Special price NT$12,000 Menu D -Special price NT$15,000
°EComprehensive Sashimi
°EShark`s fin with mushroom fungus°£each one°§
°ERoasted Prawn with Pearl°£each one°§
°EChicken & seafood in pot
°ESante loofah & Laml veal chop with pepper & salt
°EGrape juice.gekko & fried rice noodles
°EAbalone & silk fowl°£each one°§
°EThe syrup fork burns crisply
°EBamboo leaves rice pudding
°ETurtle water chestnut paste with honey
°EFashionable fresh fruit
°EThe suckling pig°EGoose piece°EJellyfish
°EThe Japanese type Chinese yam °G§E§’
°ETop burns earthenware cooking
    pot shark fin°£each one°§
°ESteamed Lobster with xo Sance
°EBechedemer with sliced abalone°£each one°§
°ESteamed small warsaw grouper
°EGekko & Tofn casserole & taels
°EThe syrup fork burns crisply
°EThe Japanese type colorful Sushi
°ERoast Pudding with Tapioca
°EFashionable fresh fruit
°G°G°G°GAbove adds seperately 10% service fee°G°G°G°G
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